N o  C a k e  f o r B e n n y

C h a r a c t e r  B i o s

Benny Domino: The lead character of NCFB and cousin to Yanis and Lyle, Benny is witty, extremely talented and quirky. A born artist and having an eye for culture, he is revered by many as an amazing illustrator and developer. Benny has an affinity for the Hulk and the X-man, has loved dinosaurs since he was a kid, and has an unhealthy obsession with sour gummy bears.  He is pragmatic and fair but also has a penchant for sarcasm. Lyle tends to get him into trouble at times but in the end, Benny always finds a way to right things. He wants nothing more than to be an inspiration for others and successful in his own right...just, don't ask him how he feels about Helen Keller.

> Yanis Royals: Twin sister to Lyle, Yanis works as one of Mr. Rose's executive assistants, Ronny is the other. She can be high maintenance and the quintessential diva but she is also very level headed and focused
when it comes down to business. Mr. Rose trusts her immensely and often seeks her opinion. Yanis and Lyle have a similar temperament and attitudes but she is more likely to be the voice of reason between the two. Benny and Lyle are her two favorite people in the world though their antics drive her nuts. She finds her co-assistant Ronny extremely annoying and rarely misses an opportunity to remind him.

< Lyle Royals: Twin brother to Yanis, Lyle is a celebrity hair colorist and stylist. He also owns a hair salon aptly named 'Girl you look a Mess'. He is the only person Yanis trusts in her hair. He also smokes a ton of weed and is often nonchalant and/or dismissive about many things. Lyle is considered very funny and a wise crack, often at the expense of others but surprisingly intelligent. He also has a pet ocelot named Lucky that was gifted to him as a cub by Grace Jones after coloring her arm pit hair for an art show. Lyle treats Lucky as if he's not an exotic pet, taking him to dog parks and on walks around the neighborhood. No one is sure if any of this is legal, and several neighborhood pets and wildlife have come up missing since Lucky has grown into an adult.

> Frederick Rose: Creative Director of Operations for the local S A V O U team. Mr. Rose oversees all design and marketing for his division. He is Yanis and Ronny's immediate superior and he heavily relies on them for day to day management of his schedule and other tasks. Mr. Rose and his team work under Renee on many projects and she one of the few people who make him anxious. He finds her to be hyper critical and condescending. Though Mr. Rose respects her immensely, Renee's wild side and unconventional methods sometimes prove too much to deal with, even for him.

Lucky: He's an ocelot.

Renee Lemelle: Currently the HBIC of S A V O U Industries, Renee answers only to the CEO and President of S A V O U Industries, Michael Eugene. Renee runs a tight ship and her attention to detail and eye for luxury, have made her filthy rich and highly regarded within the S A V O U family. She is rarely lucid however & also has several addictions to various prescription drugs and alcohol. She carries 2 pistols on her person at all times. Her indulgences coupled with her financial freedom often land her, and the people around her, in peculiar situations. Most often her trusted personal assistant Mary Maxx. Despite her vices she's is a genius level designer and master at developing the right teams to execute the S A V O U vision. 

< Ronny Jackson: One of Mr. Rose's executive assistants, Ronny is the 2nd in command after Yanis. He is a hard worker and dedicated to producing results to impress Mr. Rose. He is S A V O U' s resident playboy and most all of the women around have a crush on him, except Yanis. No one knows if he's actually in a real relationship or not however because he's so flirtatious. He constantly picks on Yanis because he knows it irritates her. Ronny knows Kim has a crush on him, and he could not be less concerned with her. At his core, though, he is a good guy and is often helping Yanis despite their back and forth banter.

> Kimberly Pritchett: Designer and marketing maven for S A V O U industries, Kim is the project manager under Mr. Rose. Aloof and often the last person to catch anyone's drift, Kim is the unassuming mastermind behind many of S A V O U' s marketing campaigns. She is the ultimate fashionista and has a very impressive shoe collection. Kim has a heart of gold and always tries to see the good in everyone, sometimes to a fault. She has a huge crush on Ronny, though she tries her best to hide it. 

< Mary Maxx: Mary is a bright young lady who also happens to be the daughter of action film star Danny Maxx. Renee took Mary under her wing when they met back stage at a Conan O'Brien taping. Mary is now Renee's right hand (wo)man. Because of her close proximity to Renee, Mary is privy to hyper sensitive information and is most often the person to witness the substance induced hijinks of her boss. Growing up in Hollywood exposed Mary to the darker side of the industry however and her accepting nature allows her to look past Renee's madness and see the genius behind it all. Subsequently Mary is fiercely loyal to Renee...even when her better judgement tells her not to be.