Born in Pittsburgh PA, Benny became enthralled with the entertainment industry at a very early age. He would memorize Disney songs and Christmas carols and walk around the house humming and singing to himself. He always thought that he'd grow up to become a singer or rapper. It wasn't until middle school that he toyed with the idea of becoming an illustrator. Benny fell in love with Marvel comics, specifically the Hulk and the X-men.;  he would draw on the back of all of  his homework and school papers. 

By high school,  Benny had developed a love for hip hop and had written and recorded two mix tapes. He also become intrigued with fashion. In his Junior year an art teacher helped  in submitting some of his fashion illustrations into a city wide student art competition. The prize was a feature show in a local art gallery, of which he happened to win. Benny's illustrations were hung and featured for a month which resulted in a spread in a local fashion and arts magazine, Maniac.  The article was published and Benny was dubbed  “Pittsburgh’s Prince of Fashion" alongside illustrations for his then fledgling label and brand  S A V O  U.

Once he realized a marriage of  music, illustration and fashion was the key to fulfilling his dreams, Benny was able to develop a concept rooted in culture and the arts and he is elated to share his vision with you! We hope you enjoy our fun blend of fashion, art and music for many years to come.  The hope is to inspire even just one person to chase their dreams, no matter how long it may take or how grandiose they may seem. 

"There is no time limit on success." - Benny Domino

Benny Domino - CEO and President